Brain Food #646

Leaving to find ourselves

Thoughts of the day

Good morning.

Korean photographer Jung Lee puts neon word installations in nature and takes photographs of them. Her work is vaguely reminiscent of Robert Montgomery’s poetry, but the words are in fact taken from the work of others, such as Roland Barthes, revealing once again the inevitable and endless interconnectivity of things.

The neon installations are found inside natural scenes, juxtaposing a modern medium against the timelessness of the world.

While we begin to travel again, trying to seek an escape from the everyday, it is useful to remember that the questions that bother us, the themes that haunt us, are first and foremost buried within us, and will follow us if we allow them. We can let them go by encountering something grander than ourselves. 

And as we might be chased by ourselves wherever we go, we might also find other parts of ourselves there. Every act of leaving is, in a sense, an act of self-discovery. An act of leaving old pieces behind, and perhaps picking up something new along the way.

On a different note

As we have hit the midpoint of another strange year, and more than one hundred Brain Food posts later, it is time for a longer break. Brain Food will be back in a few weeks, refreshed, more curious, and, hopefully, a little wiser. In the meantime, feel free to write with anything interesting you have encountered, any thoughts you have had about this newsletter, or about life in general. Alternatively, you can simply enjoy the summer months. See you soon.