Brain Food #636

The moments that matter, and what it takes to create them

Thoughts of the day

Life is all about moments. The ones we create and share with others, the ones that define us, the ones that we will remember and retell for years to come. Yet there is something more simple and profound in moments that can be deceivingly simple, not the moments that are created and curated for some ideal future retelling, but the moments that tell the narrative and weight of our lives through our mere existence.

Every Monday marks a new beginning, another week in which moments that matter can be fulfilled. Sometimes all we need to create them is a beating heart, a body that is still on our side, and a touch of bravery.

by Mary Oliver

There are moments that cry out to be fulfilled.
Like, telling someone you love them.
Or giving your money away, all of it.

Your heart is beating, isn’t it?
You’re not in chains, are you?

There is nothing more pathetic than caution
when headlong might save a life,
even, possibly, your own.