Brain Food #462

No man is an island

Historical events always find their way in works of culture. Where history books attempt to be objective, and to present the factual truth, paintings, works of fiction, or even someone’s perspective when taking a photograph, can add subjective texture to public experiences.

This is where the individual and the collective blend. Though we inevitably experience this world alone, through our own pair of eyes, our own skin, and our own consciousness, in once-in-a-lifetime events, moments come together and gel into one, the singular experiences of the many forming a large canvas that survives time.

Postcards from Isolation is a new digital art project, born out of the above premise. It portrays how we are all floating islands, drifting together in the same ocean, and becomes a way to keep us connected, and to creatively capture what it means to be alone, but not really, during these strange times we live in.

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