Brain Food #386

Leisure as learning

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Good morning, and happy Friday. As another week of hard work comes to an end, let’s consider what the true meaning of leisure is, in a time where time boundaries have blurred and things happen all at once, all the time.

The Greek word for “leisure” is σχoλη, which in turn gave birth to the Latin equivalent scola, which eventually evolved to become the word widely used today to describe a traditional school. If learning is, to an extent, work, yet leisure means learning, then leisure stops being the synonym of laziness - something it should never be equated to - but the dedication of one’s time towards something personally productive, that should hopefully lead to one’s growth.

What if leisure, then, is the work we chose for ourselves?

Image result for leisure time is a gigantic smoke screen

Truisms by the brutally honest Jenny Holzer, though some of her truisms were not always meant to be true.

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